OOLY stickiville puppies and peaches scented stickers

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These scented dog stickers are just peachy

When it comes down to these peachy scented stickers we’re sure you’ll be experiencing some serious puppy love! Two paper sticker sheets plus six die cut stickers are included. Each one features a peppy puppy and a fruity peach scent!

If you’re looking for a cute addition to birthday party favors, a sweet treat for your child’s sticker collection, or just feel like giving your little one a wee surprise, we think you’ll be peachy keen about this sticker pack! It features a pupapalooza of stickers - two sticker sheets plus six die cuts - all with a fruitastic peach scent! These dog stickers are pawesomely fun and just waiting to be taken along on a lunch box, backpack, or journal!

  • Includes two paper sticker sheets and six die cut stickers
  • Peach scented stickers
  • Stickers feature various playful puppies and peaches
  • 7.7” x 4.2”
  • Suitable for ages 3+